How to tie a scarf

On the essence of a scarf

What exactly is a scarf, you might ask. 

They might answer it is a dreamlike trip into a designer's mind, some kind of blank canvas for his creativity, an explosive burst of colors making up fantasy worlds where dragons spit fire on post-apocalyptic urban landscapes.

For us, it is a mere piece of fabric driven by functionality.

Colors and basic shapes combined through the most refined, timeless craftsmanship into an everyday accessory fit for any occasion. Something that twists your outfit without being tacky. That has the versatility to live with you from your early office meeting to your evening dinner party.

Here lies the essence of a scarf to us. 

Before going in further details about the different ways to wear our 40cm, 60cm, and 90cm squared scarves and how they would cover all your functional, social etiquette and style needs 365 days a year, let's jump into what they have in common.

Made from a unique blend of cashmere, modal and silk twill - silk and cotton when it comes to special projects such as our Issimo x Les Belles Heures capsule collection - our squared scarves are entirely hand rolled by our craftsmen. Easy to wear with any kind of outfit, they do not require any particular folding skills, nor unnecessary complex tying tricks, and work magic just simply tied around the neck with the most nonchalant touch.

Something not to underestimate when late for work in the morning, or in a hurry to join a cocktail party.

How to tie a scarf?

Even though not necessarily obvious at first, knowing how to tie a scarf is very easy, with no excessive complications whatsoever. 

First you want to start with a flat, open squared scarf that you would flip upside down with the back in front of you. Fold it diagonally into a triangle, and roll it from the tip opposite to the diagonal to obtain a long, thin band of fabric then twist it to add texture.

There are mainly 3 shapes that allows you to wear your squared scarf in the easiest and most obvious way.

Simply folded into a triangle will bring you volume.

Rolled into a flat band of fabric will provide for a more formal, traditional vibe when tied.

Rolled into a twisted band of fabric will account for a more effortless, casual touch once around your neck.

Find out how to wear your scarf in our 40cm feature and stay tune for the next feature of our How to wear your scarf series, which will focus on our big, perfect for mid-season through winter time 90cm format.

Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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