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We are Les Belles Heures, an innovative Maison which makes scarves as a go-to, daily accessory for tasteful contemporary men and women
Our unique approach to scarves is based on a deep focus on color, premium fabric and the best of the Italian and French textile craftsmanship.
We craft our pieces from a silk modal twill blend woven in the region of Treviso, printed on the shores of lake Como and then entirely hand rolled by luxury artisans in Lyon. We tell stories of times and places as many travel destinations that make us feel good through the unique colors, scents, impressions and memories they convey. We put great care in our approach to graphic design. 
Our aesthetic influences range from 60s Italian and  french riviera to the laid back vibes of Californian contemporary art, Mediterranean dolce vita and the work on color of Klee, Albers and Rothko as well as Plossu, Nori and Leiter.Designed to bring coolness and flair to your wardrobe, our pieces epitomize the essence of an effortless lifestyle in both menswear and womenswear.
Whether worn with your pair of vintage denim, your favorite white tee, an oversized shirt or your worn-out sneakers, they will make you feel unique.