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How to wear your 60cm scarf

Our bandana-like, most versatile 60cm scarf is fully functional all year long, from the first sunny days of spring to the windy autumn afternoons and the freezing cold winter nights.

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How to fold your scarf

On the essence of a scarf What exactly is a scarf, you might ask.  They might answer it is a dreamlike trip into a designer's mind, some kind of blank canvas for his creativity, an explosive burst of colors making up fantasy worlds where dragons spit fire on post-apocalyptic urban landscapes. For us, it is a mere piece of fabric driven by functionality. Colors and basic shapes combined through the most refined, timeless craftsmanship into an everyday accessory fit for any occasion. Something that twists your outfit without being tacky. Something that has the versatility to live with you from your early office meeting to your evening dinner party. Here lies the essence of a scarf to us.  Before going in further...

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How to wear your scarf | The Travel issue

I'm sure you've noticed the connection the last two guests of our Style talks series drawn between scarf and travel. Yolanda describing scarves as a true travel essential that “don’t add anything into the suitcase--but (...) give so many different look options” and “are great sun protectors, especially if you’re on a boat” while Gerardo getting conceptual in associating it to “a strong idea of freedom, of dreams, (that) lets me imagine travels to distant lands”. Two very personal approaches that relate back to one essential element about scarves, versatility. The perfect addition to a summer vacation where a typical day could include a morning at the beach, lunch in the mountains, sail in the afternoon and dinner in a fresh, windy cove, scarves...

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