How to tie a scarf | The Summer issue #1

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Summer Issue #1

Summer is here now. Whether you are already at the beach with a fresh drink in hands or preparing to pack for the Mediterranean, you are exposed to that critical dilemma that comes with the most appraised season of the year. Which is, how to preserve style and attitude with so few fabric on your skin.

Stop looking, we got it.

Because style in the summer isn’t just about clothes, the holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your accessory game. As easy tied around your neck, deep under an open workwear jacket than tightly tucked in your white tee or deep into your denim shirt for a more elegant alternative come sunset, a carefully chosen scarf with Mediterranean patterns or plain shades of vibrant colors - whether in a 40cm60cm or 90cm format - really is your perfect summer daily companion.

Women will obviously have more alternatives than men to play around with a long list of headwear options but hey, it’s not that we’re not already used to it in the field of style right? Here we go by the menu on how to tie a scarf in the summer with style, ease and nonchalance.

How to tie a scarf in the summer, as your daily dose of coolness

Whatever you’re wearing, whether it be shorts and a shirt, a tee or a tennis polo, adding a scarf to your outfit will upgrade both your level of coolness and singularity. You’ll discreetly stand out from the crowd because of your boldness allure and understated elegance. 

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Summer Issue #1

Girls could choose to tie it around their wrist, ankle or elbow for a similar effect of uniqueness. Here, we tend to favor bold prints to add some interesting details to your whole outfit. Beyond cool, you’ll be fresh. All day long. Until dawn.

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Summer Issue #1

How to tie a scarf in the summer, as your most loyal daily companion

From relaxed beach clubs to the more refined diner spots you’ll frequent, you’ll need to adapt to the circumstances and these unexpected events holidays are made of. A pleasant encounter at the beach? Drinks that last longer than expected? Cool people met on your way to the bar that invite you for diner? You’ll need to be able to dress-up easy and fast to transition between your daily relaxed beach outfit to your more refined - yet effortless - evening look. Unless you carry a whole wardrobe in the trunk of your car - which we hope you don’t, and we strongly advise not to - the easy, highly versatile scarf effortlessly put in your beach basket in the morning will be your best asset come cocktail time.

That implies that your daily outfit rotation is as versatile as the scarves themselves. In other words, a basic enough game favoring nicely cut basics in comfortable fabric, preferably in plain colors. Then tie your scarf, whether a print or plain one - around your neck under your tee or more loosely on your oxford shirt and you’ll appear as a whole new man, evening-ready. Girls would use it the same way to upgrade their beach dress and feel fresher than ever.

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Summer Issue #1

How to tie a scarf in the summer, in your hair

Apart from excluding “bad hair day” from your entire summer vocabulary - which is something far from anecdotal - a neck scarf will also help you protect your hair, avoiding them to dry out and brittle under the combined effect of heat, sun and sea water as Jamie Beck does when the temperature rises in her beloved Provence.

On the style front, the options are endless. Neatly tied as a headband, worn as an all-over scarf for a vintage look or effortlessly knotted on your hair bun, it will bring you your daily dose of coolness with ease and confidence.

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Summer Issue #1


Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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