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How to wear your scarf | The basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

A tasteful comeback

Let's be frank. Neck scarf is often associated with a traditional, uptight form of old fashioned elegance. And let's be honest. They are more frequent on the horse tracks than at the food market. 

Things are changing though.

Everywhere from the catwalks to the streets of the big cities we see scarves and neckerchiefs flourished on the neck of tasteful men and women. Young and trendy, they have in common that nonchalance typical of those who play with their style with ease and effortless chic

A breeze of fresh air in our contemporary wardrobes, the come back of the scarf as a fashionable item brings it back where it initially belongs, that is with the people. An accessory with popular roots, it is now ready to be treated in a renewed, relaxed and contemporary daily use. 

Overview of the many ways to treat the most versatile accessory of our wardrobes in 4 essentials points. 

The importance of proportions

As a neck accessory, scarves should always be considered in relation to the shape of your collar. Whether you're wearing a crew neck sweater, a shirt, a tennis polo or a hoodie, it will have to adapt. 

Now proportions come into play. As a general safety rule, you shall consider adjusting the knot of your neck scarf to the notch of your collar to keep the ensemble balanced. Achieving this, you will be able to twist your looks with just a hint of color on any of your favorite tees, summer shirts and crew neck sweaters.

Once mastered, the rule mentioned earlier shall be forgotten by playing with contrast in the proportions between your neckerchief and your collar. This will result in more sophisticated and refined looks. Tied loosely on a summer shirt or tight within a more bulky outfit, a whole new level of effortless chic comes to you.   

Colors, contrasts and prints

A piece of fabric carefully hand rolled by luxury artisans, the neck scarf is an endless field of expression. On this blank canvas, anything can happen. The same prevails on your looks. 

We wouldn't advise to rush on the first intricate figurative prints you will find on the market. Instead, we would rather favor plain colors and dense prints in your way to understated elegance. Because a neck scarf should always reveal your outfit, make it pop with a touch of color or texture it through a delicate and refined print. Never should it take over. 

At that point your options are infinite. You can play monochrome and use different shades of the same color for a minimalist and chic allure or bring contrast to your look through vivid colors. Using dense prints you will add texture to your outfit for an elegant yet effortless touch. Once again, whatever the option you will choose, you will bring a whole new effortless chic flair to your daily wardrobe.   

Get creative  

A neck scarf is, as we previously saw, the most versatile accessory in our contemporary wardrobes. A basic piece of fabric, it is up to any kind of styling with a rare agility. It could, depending on your taste and needs, be worn indifferently in the pocket of your blazer, on a bag's handle or at your belt for a more urban feel. The most adventurous will play it on their foreheads or at the wrist to stand out. Here, the idea is to have fun, test things and do it again.  

A girl's best friend

More comfortable than we are when it comes to scarves, women generally wear it with more ease and, above all, in a more daily way. Tied in their hair, at their ankle or effortlessly folded in the pocket of their loose summer shirts, they constantly invent new ways to wear their scarves and, through that, fully express their endless creativity. We must admit that we totally we love it ! 

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Basics

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Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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