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I'm sure you've noticed the connection the last two guests in our Style talks series drawn between scarf and travel.

Yolanda describing scarves as a true travel essential that “don’t add anything into the suitcase--but (...) give so many different look options” and “are great sun protectors, especially if you’re on a boat” while Gerardo getting conceptual in associating it to “a strong idea of freedom, of dreams, (that) lets me imagine travels to distant lands”.

Two very personal approaches that relate back to one essential element about scarves, versatility.

The perfect addition to a summer vacation where a typical day could include a morning at the beach, lunch in the mountains, sail in the afternoon and dinner in a fresh, windy cove, scarves are the go-to piece of accessory to beat any vicious, freezing air-conditioned bus to San Rocco, plane to Minorca or express boat to Folegandros. Protecting you from the morning breeze on your way to the Lavezzi islands they turn, later on, to the perfect cocktail twist for your sun-setting aperitivo in Cavallo while not taking more space in your bag or pocket than your sunglasses.

Light, easy to pack and comfortable, scarves truly adapt to any situation, weather conditions and outfit, which makes it pivotal to any good - and tasteful - travel experience. 

Here, we go into further details on why is packing a few ones into your suitcase always a good idea and how to tie a scarf when traveling. 

How to tie a scarf to get comfy

Maybe the first thing we can instinctively think of when it comes to the connection between scarves and travel is the amazing level of comfort that it brings to any trip. A bus, train, boat or plane ride is always more pleasurable with the addition of a scarf to your bare neck. Here, how to tie your scarf is quite simple. Whether it is a 40cm, 60cm or 90cm scarf, just tie it tightly around your neck to beat the air conditioning or protect you from the fresh breeze of a boat deck. Placing it over your eyes, it can be a great help in your attempt to sleep on a plane or during an overly bright train ride. More broadly, it is your best friend when it comes down to find warmth, comfort and softness. We could not imagine traveling without a scarf. That would not feel right, really.

How to tie a scarf to handle bad - and transitional - weather

Who hasn't been confronted to those early autumn days where temperatures go from nice and warm to windy and freezing in just a few hours? Or, even worse, to plain, permanent cold?

Combined with light or more heavier outerwear depending on your scenario, scarves are the perfect accessory for handling those sudden drop in temperatures and protect from the cold, whether temporary or permanent.

How to tie your scarf under those very unpleasant circumstances? Once again, very tight around the neck to prevent cold air to sneak in, or around your head in a babushka way to prevent your ears from freezing. Using patterns or solid colors is totally up to you, your taste and mood here. As always, proportions and balance are key. Wear a toned-down, solid color scarf or a traditional-patterned one to smoothen a bold outfit; wear vibrant shades to boost a more formal look. 

How to tie your scarf if the sun comes back and temperatures suddenly rise? Just fold it into your pocket, making sure a tiny portion of your scarf nonchalantly waves out of it to add a splash of extra color to your look. 

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Travel Issue story

From left to right - A black polka dot patterned scarf tones down a bold leather perfecto jacket; a babushka headscarf boosting up a more traditional leather jacket; a wide, solid scarf in a neutral shade adding a twist to a sand-ish combination of a belted oversized mac and a baseball hat.

How to tie a scarf, beating the heat

Beyond freezing latitudes and transitional weather, scarves are also a great companion for warmer conditions where sun, heat, dust, and humidity can come into play.

How to tie your scarf you might ask. Well, obviously more widely than under freezing latitudes, and on your head to protect from the sun as a hat would do, but in a much less formal way. Tie your 90cm scarf around your head in a retro, Grace Kelly kind of way. Style-wise, this option is a classic, very refined option which is a great, much more handy alternative to a straw hat for the summer days. 

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Travel Issue story

From left to right - A great wide scarf styling to protect against humidity and sun while adding a whole new level of style to your outfit; a headband option worn under a hat for a very unique attitude; a Mediterranean, 60s headscarf styling as a great alternative to a straw hat.

How to tie a scarf to upgrade your look

The versatility of scarves doesn’t just apply to protect you from the elements, whether warm or cold. It also allows - with almost zero additional space taken into your suitcase - to turn a rather regular look to something with a much higher level of attitude.

In addition to color and texture, how to tie your scarf, and the format you will choose to wear - whether 40cm60cm or 90cm - will modify the proportions of your silhouette and tell very different stories. Navigating from the effortless when loosely tied around your neck, it can bring much more sophisticated options to the table when tightly tied and tucked in.

Multiplying your look options, the scarves you packed in a hurry in an attempt not to miss your flight will be your best buddy to fit in once landed, whether we're talking about getting ready for dinner in a countryside mansion, attending a cocktail party after a long day at the museum or dressing up after a day at the beach.

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Travel Issue story

From left to right - A rather traditional denim/knitted polo/trench coat combo turned upside-down by a daring babushka headscarf styling; a tucked-in patterned scarf bringing a whole new level of coolness to a jacket/crew neck combo; a wide, colorful scarf worn untied on a jumpsuit to complete the silhouette.

Les Belles Heures How To Wear a Scarf, The Travel Issue story

From left to right - A navy polka dot scarf worn untied on a white shirt for a very effortless look; simply tied around the head like in St Tropez, 1958 by Willy Rizzo; the same navy polka dot scarf loosely tied around the neck for a more refined option.

Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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