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Style Talk | Meet Rod Cummings

How should we start with our dearest Rod Cummings ? We could tell you that he has been one of our first customer. The first from New York City for sure and one of the most supportive ever. We’ve followed his unique take on effortlessness through the streets of NYC to the Amalfitan Coast, Mykonos and Capri. We’ve tried to understand how on earth he could do such sophisticated yoga poses with always a relaxed smile on his face. Still trying to figure out. We could also tell you that he is an experienced psychotherapist, coach and yoga instructor down in Chelsea, NYC. We could do all that for sure but decided to let him do the work. Will be...

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How to wear a scarf - The Summer issue #1

Summer is here now. Whether you are already at the beach with a fresh drink in hands or preparing to pack to a Mediterranean haven, you are exposed to that critical dilemma that comes with the most appraised season of the year. Which is, how to preserve style with so few fabric on your skin.

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Style Talk | Meet Maristella Gonzalez

Art director and designer, Maristella Gonzalez is the creative mind behind A Constellation Journal. Much more than a fashion blog, ACJ is an aesthetic destination curating a selection of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel stories through a unique blend of captivating imagery and carefully crafted editorial content.

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Style Talk | Meet Jamie Beck

Texas-raised, New York-celebrated Provence maverick Jamie Beck is an endless source of inspiration. From her digital compositions featuring multiple occurrences of herself as different characters to her amazing Cinemagraphs series, she is constantly reinventing herself to express a unique take on sensuality and all things effortless chic. Between a rustic pic-nic in her backyard and another naturalistic photo shoot, she sits with us talking Provence color palate, being a successful blogger in New York and how she uses fashion to tell stories.

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Style Talk | Meet Tara Aghdashloo

Effortless sophistication, surrealism and Iranian aesthetics legacy She writes, directs, produces and presents. She appears on screen, in prints and on the web. She curates exhibitions of contemporary art. And expresses her vision on all supports from films and documentaries to essays, articles, reviews and poetry. Her style is modern and casual and yet, always very chic with a hint of retro elegance. She, is Tara Aghdashloo, Iranian-born Londoner and one of the earliest friends of Les Belles Heures. Today, she sits with us for a style talk addressing effortless sophistication, surrealism and Iranian aesthetics legacy. Thanks a lot for taking the time Tara, we really appreciate it. My pleasure! First of all we must confess, we are big fans of your style....

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