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Style talk with Tara Aghdashloo

Effortless sophistication, surrealism and Iranian aesthetics legacy She writes, directs, produces and presents. She appears on screen, in prints and on the web. She curates exhibitions of contemporary art. And expresses her vision on all supports from films and documentaries to essays, articles, reviews and poetry. Her style is modern and casual and yet, always very chic with a hint of retro elegance. She, is Tara Aghdashloo, Iranian-born Londoner and one of the earliest friends of Les Belles Heures. Today, she sits with us for a style talk addressing effortless sophistication, surrealism and Iranian aesthetics legacy. Thanks a lot for taking the time Tara, we really appreciate it. My pleasure! First of all we must confess, we are big fans of your style....

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Style talk with Geoff K. Cooper

Effortless chic, African emerging designers and the Caribbean Entrepreneur, fashion editor, stylist and digital influencer, multi-faceted fashion talent Geoff K. Cooper is someone really special to us. One of the first insider to reach out through Instagram a few weeks after our March 2016 launch, he showed immediately strong and real support to Les Belles Heures. A few calls later we knew that we had much more in common than (supposedly) good taste. It was a certain vision of what does style mean, how it should be approached in today’s fast-fashion environment and how we could contribute to it. On the verge of launching his most expected Sagaboi project - a men’s fashion destination inspired by a Caribbean concept surfaced...

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Mediterranean nonchalance in Sori

We don't stop in Sori, we just pass by. Stuck between a tiny coast road and the sea, this small Ligurian village is the perfect Mediterranean haven made of nonchalance and fresh rocky beaches.

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