The iconic style of Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay. Muhammad Ali. Irreverence, panache and pride. Or when the greatest figure of a discipline consisting of relentlessly punching another man in the face is anything but lightness, elegance and grace.

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The iconic style of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Preppy aesthetics mastered Etiquette and effortless chic for the all-time style icon John Fitzgerald Kennedy August 62, John Island, Maine. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, then the 35th President of the United States of America, cruises quietly with his movie-star, rat pack-affiliated friend and brother-in-law Peter Lawford in an outfit that would still be considered today as the exact definition of cool. The man is wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, an aviator jacket on a grey crew neck sweater and beige chino, royal blue socks and white tennis shoes. Halfway through a dramatically aborted presidential mandate that would not even last 3 years, he is writing the legend that will make him one of the most popular President in American history. Mostly through an impeccable taste,...

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The iconic style of Orson Welles

Effortless chic in Hollywood Visionary style icon Orson Wells shows the way Here it is, plain and simple. We are even tempted to leave you here and go wandering around looking for some recreational amusement but we are kind of fair play and sharing with you this radical take on style prevails. Far from the cliché associated with the elegant man of his time - clean, neat, groomed and tanned - Orson Welles is all about tumult, fury and passion. The omnipotent figure behind one of the greatest movie of all time - the man co-wrote, directed, produced and starred as lead character in Citizen Kane - strolls around the Hollywood sets smoking cigars, with bushy hair and dressed with basic clothes declined...

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