Journal - FR

Caprera, 07h17

Under construction Sun’s already on the rise when the small, wooden boat enters the deserted cove of Cala Coticcio, its dark shape slowly moving on the white sand claiming peace with the distant decor. Arms burning from the last row, our improvised sailor wipes his forehead with the sleeve of his worn-out shirt. Assaulted by the crude light reflecting on the pristine water as a splash of freshly squeezed lemon in his eyes, he puts his sunglasses back on with contempt and hides his face under his straw hat. 

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The iconic style of...

Quite the opposite of that permanent explosion of creativity aiming at constantly reinventing itself we call fashion, style is the permanent backbone that defines who we are. Where form meets substance. A subtle blend between our natural attributes, cultural influences and individual aspirations, it is the clear expression of what makes us unique. The exact illustration of the doubts and convictions clashing into us, it is more broadly what defines how we relate to our world.  Overview of what's at the heart of those style icons that inspire us.   Allure Allure is the one thing that lets you recognize your friend when seeing him in the distance from the back. This very unique way that each and everyone of us has to...

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