This season we teamed up with MONOCLE's sister title Konfekt to create exclusive, limited-edition scarves embodying the understated, colorful elegance conveyed by the carefully curated publication. 

The scarves - entirely hand-rolled from a light and breezy silk and cotton blend - showcase bold graphic compositions made of carefully crafted color palettes - developed through our now usual watercolor studies process - and thoughtful use of thick white portions as a structuring element. 

The result is boldness meets understated elegance for a piece that will liven up any transitioning looks, whether it be under autumnal rain showers, odd chilly nights or the Indian summer heat.  

Konfekt is a quarterly magazine launched by the makers of MONOCLE in December 2020 and edited between Zürich and London. Aimed at women - though not exclusively so -, Konfekt is an intelligent, emancipated magazine with a style that defies fast-moving fashion, values refined craftsmanship and traditions just as much as contemporary design and inspiring creativity. Completed by a fortnightly newsletter, Konfekt Kompakt, and a monthly podcast, Konfekt Korner, it features residencies, recipes, interviews, and in-depth reporting with strong narration and smart curation on all-things lifestyle.