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Panarea, 08h23
Panarea, 08h23
Panarea, 08h23
Panarea, 08h23
Panarea, 08h23

Panarea, 08h23

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Our Panarea, 08h23 neck scarf is our take on opening up the blinds on the small beach close to the tiny port of a remote village by a hot summer day.

Exclusively developed by Les Belles Heures from in-house watercolor studies, Panarea pink is a light, faded pink that is the chicest, most sophisticated addition to any outfit whether in plain summer, cold winter, grey autumn or breezy spring. 

Available in 40cm, 60cm and 90cm squared neck scarf formats.

  • Silk (31%) modal (62%) cashmere (7%) twill blend
  • Woven in Italy
  • Digitally printed in France
  • Entirely hand rolled in France with no sewing machine involved at any time
  • Hand-washed with care, preferably with cold water; do not use hot water, at any time
  • You can also wash it in machine at or below 30° after having put it in a laundry net
  • Once washed, let it dry flat in open air
  • Dry iron with care on the minimum heat setting
  • Do not tumble dry, at any time
  • Orders are shipped within 2 working days (wds).
  • Delivery within 3-5 wds for metropolitan France
  • Delivery within 5-7 wds for the European Union
  • Delivery within 7-10 wds for the rest of our shipping zone