Le Isole is our new collection of iconic, timeless scarves.
We have developed a series of 12 Mediterranean shades from the initial watercolor studies to the final print. They tell the story of 12 specific moments taking place in 12 different Mediterranean islands. We have put great care in making sure that the final colors were exactly the one we had in mind when designing the collection.
Our 12 Mediterranean shades are declined in 3 different formats that bring a whole new level of versatility to our scarf range. 
Depending on the format you choose, you can wear it around your neck, in your hair, as a headband, belt or bracelet and even tied to your handbag
Crafted from our signature silk modal twill blend, all the pieces from Le Isole are meticulously hand rolled by luxury artisans in Lyon.
Designed to bring coolness to your wardrobe, they epitomize the essence of an effortless lifestyle in both menswear and womenswear
Whether during a meeting at the office, at a diner cocktail party, for a lazy day at the beach or a spring week end in the countryside, they will twist any of your outfits with a touch of relaxed sophistication.
Worn with your pair of vintage denim, your favorite white tee, an oversized shirt or your worn-out sneakers, they will make you feel unique.