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We put our expertise and savoir-faire to work through the customisation of the below elements.
At the heart of any project we develop are bespoke scarf designs that convey your unique identity, culture and values. Our creative proposals go from traditional, classic designs strictly related to your graphic identity to more innovative routes exploring new territories with you.
Format is key because it sends a message in itself to your audience. We offer 3 different formats offering great versatility in the way they can be used. From our easy-to-accessorize 40x40cm to our bandana-like 60x60cm and our iconic 90x90cm, they offer a wide range of alternatives to best fit the specificities of your project.
We work on an exclusive silk modal twill blend woven for us in Italy. It is refined, light and fluid with a mat finish which makes it a unique combination between sophistication and effortlessness, elegance and a relaxed attitude. Depending on your project requirements, we have the capacity to offer anything from plain silk to cotton, linen, cashmere, wool, modal, viscose and any blend in between from the best weavers in Italy, France and beyond.
Our scarves are hand rolled by luxury artisans in the region of Lyon, France. Entirely made by hand, they have this unique feel that only craftsmanship can create. Beyond this luxury alternative - the best you can find in the market - we are able to offer a wide range of finishings, from machine rolled to simple, flat or bourdon stitch depending on your project specificities.
From simple care labels to more impactful brand labels as well as product name tags, hang tags and the likes, we build a labelling offering in line with your project needs that conveys the right message to your audience.
Our offering in terms of stationery is virtually limitless and mainly depends on the perimeter of your project. From thank-you notes to collaboration cards, hand written calligraphed name tags and dedicated, fully customisable story-telling notebooks, we are able to offer any stationery item to craft the right message to your audience and enhance their overall experience.
Our signature packaging comes as a squared envelop sealed by a sticker. From the color of the paper to the design of the sticker, every aspect of it is fully customisable.
Our bagging options go from fully customisable, high quality tote bags to premium paper bags and the likes. As the ultimate external layer to your project, it is of tremendous importance to the experience your want to create.