The basics

How to wear a scarf | The basics

A tasteful comeback Let's be frank. Neck scarf is often associated with a traditional, uptight form of old fashioned elegance. And let's be honest. They are more frequent on the horse tracks than at the food market.  Things are changing though. Everywhere from the catwalks to the streets of the big cities we see scarves and neckerchiefs flourished on the neck of tasteful men and women. Young and trendy, they have in common that nonchalance typical of those who play with their style with ease and effortless chic.  A breeze of fresh air in our contemporary wardrobes, the come back of the scarf as a fashionable item brings it back where it initially belongs, that is with the people. An accessory with popular roots, it is now ready to be...

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How to fold a pocket square?

How to fold a pocket square? The Puff With an effortless vibe in mind - something close to the so-called sprezzatura - everything that matters here is the movement that we're going to apply to that small piece of fabric. We want to come up with something natural, easy to fold, unfold, refold and so on. Looking for the right gesture. The one that will bring impact to your two-button, double breasted or blazer jacket. Here we go. 1. Lay the pocket square flat, face up then pinch it   2. Lift it up from its center, and squeeze it from the top down with your opposite hand    3. All the way down  4. Hold it firmly   5. Fold the bottom...

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