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How to wear your 90cm scarf | The Winter issue

The 90, or the perfect winter friend

The largest in our scarf range, our 90cm scarf is the winter piece by essence. Perfect to play with colors, volumes and proportions, it provides for the necessary warmth and comfort any winter piece should offer. Tucked in, tight, loosely or rolled twice around your neck, the options are limitless really. Let's go, now and together, over some of the most obvious wearing options with a selection of our 90cm scarves from Le Isole, Arcipelago and La Collection N°1.

The obvious, most natural way

Let's start with the most classic, obvious winter option. Once folded into a twisted band of fabric, just wrap your scarf twice around your neck, adjusting it tightly to the collar of your coat or jacket. The result is warm, smooth and colorful. 

LEFT: Minorca, 17h33 worn on a navy rain coat ∙ RIGHT: Caprera, 07h17 worn with an orange lightweight cotton jacket

LEFT: Pantelleria, 22h13 worn with a waxed cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Cavallo, 18h17 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat

The lighter, tucked in option

Another winter classic, the tucked in provides for a lighter alternative. This time you just wrap your 90cm scarf once around your neck and tie it with a simple knot on the front, tucking the rest inside your coat or jacket. Very elegant, the tucked in provides for the same level of warmth and comfort while being more discreet, adding just a hint of color to your outfit. Particularly adapted to windy circumstances, whether at the beach in Normandy, on a boat on the Atlantic French coast or on a motorino in the streets of Milan, it is the perfect option to avoid having your 90cm scarf waving into your face. In terms of style, it might have less panache but there definitely is a very unique form of formal, traditional elegance to it. Beyond the delightful sensation of feeling covered and protected. 

LEFT: Favignana, 10h25 worn with a waxed cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Procida, 20h52 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat

LEFT: Folegandros, 09h47 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat ∙ RIGHT: Stromboli, 21h57 worn with an orange lightweight cotton jacket

The untucked vibe

Bringing more panache to the table, just untuck your scarf and wear it like this, in the open, thus completely reinventing the proportions of your outfit. Leaving the tips of your scarf effortlessly lay on your coat or jacket not only has an impact on proportions, but also allows to establish a dialogue between the color of your scarf and your outerwear. Brighten up an houndstooth tweed Balmacaan coat with a Panarea, 08h23 soft pink, boost the brownish of a vintage waxed jacket with a Stromboli, 21h57 muted, dark blue or bring contrast to a navy oversized raincoat with a Caprera, 07h17 citrus shade. Once again, the options are limitless and the only thing that matters is your inspiration.

LEFT: Panarea, 08h23 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat ∙ RIGHT: Stromboli, 21h57 worn with a waxed cotton jacket

LEFT: Folegandros, 09h47 worn with an orange lightweight cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Caprera, 07h17 worn with an oversized navy raincoat

The flamboyant way

Going up the nonchalance scale, tie your 90cm scarf more loosely. More volume around your neck, a deeper knot and those wide, generous tips laying on your chest. More color, more fabric and more texture come into play, for a complete reinvention of your outfit, and a whole new level of cool. More life really.

LEFT: Ponza, 23h11 worn with a waxed cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Formentera, 15h12 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat

LEFT: Cavallo, 18h17 worn with an oversized navy raincoat ∙ RIGHT: Pantelleria, 22h13 worn with a waxed cotton jacket

Playing with colors and prints

We've seen how plain, solid 90cm scarves from Le Isole work with the different tying options offered by our 90cm format. Now, let's find out how prints and graphic compositions from La Collection N°1 and Arcipelago capsule work.

The graphic compositions from our Arcipelago capsule collection allow to play with the Mediterranean shades from Le Isole and create dialogues between them. Depending on what you're wearing, and most particularly the color of your outerwear, you will decide to put an emphasis on that dense Minorca, 17h33 green, that soft Favignana, 10h25 blue or that laid-back Procida, 20h52 smoked red. 

LEFT: Arcipelago, 08h23 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat ∙ RIGHT: Arcipelago, 12h13 worn with a waxed cotton jacket

LEFT: Arcipelago, 17h42 worn with an orange lightweight cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Arcipelago, 08h23 worn with an oversized navy raincoat

La Collection N°1 provides with more traditional color interpretations. Navy, red, pistachio green, cream, they all combine in classic compositions where a white lining reveals color contrast and make it pop. Once again, the color of your outerwear, the shape of its collar, and most importantly how you want to feel will decide how to wear your 90cm scarf.

LEFT: Gênes, 09h17 worn with a waxed cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Santa Margherita, 18h47 worn with a gun club tweed Balmacaan coat

LEFT: Sori, 19h23 worn with a waxed cotton jacket ∙ RIGHT: Sori, 10h13 worn with an oversized navy raincoat

Your perfect winter friend, our 90cm scarf provides for limitless options when it comes to warmth and comfort, color, volume and proportions. Maybe the most versatile piece in our scarf offering, our 90cm scarf is literally the one that will adapt seamlessly to all your functional, social and mundane needs from your early morning breakfast meeting to your press event, scooter ride to lunch to your diner party. A true friend, really.  

Find out how to fold your scarf in our Style Guide and stay tune for the next feature of our How to wear your scarf series, which will focus on our bandana-like, all you can do 60cm format. 

Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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