How to wear a scarf - The Winter issue #2

For the second part of our 5 ways series, let's look at how essential a neck scarf is to your winter routine.

You would argue that the season calls for puffy shawls and well, you might not be totally wrong. However, a tight neck scarf is your best friend when temperatures drop. Let me explain.

In winter, the most obvious way to stay warm is to cover every bit of skin with soft fabric. Closely tied, a neck scarf is the perfect addition to your daily shirts, sweaters, jackets and coats. Nothing works like it to keep you warm in all circumstances, whether you like long walks in the countryside or Paris-by-nights on two wheels. 

So, do yourself a favor, wear a tightly tied neck scarf in winter to keep you warm and stylish.

Here is how you do it.

Street style scarf by GQ | Les Belles Heures

Street style scarf by TommyTon | Les Belles Heures

Street style scarf with Robert Rabensteiner and Anastasia Barbieri from Vogue by TommyTon | Les Belles Heures

Street style scarf TommyTon | Les Belles Heures

Photos by ©TommyTon, ©Dan Roberts

Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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