How to wear a scarf - The September issue

So that’s it, back to school season is here as we still enjoy some kind of summer vibe from Paris to Milan, London, New York and Tokyo. We won’t mention the Mediterranean which just acts as if nothing happens. I mean, hi Stromboli, Procida, Lavezzi, Ponza, Panarea, Cavallo, Pantelleria and Caprera, come andiamo sotto quell'ombrellone ?

Fueled by a vibrant back-from-the-beach freshness, we look at what’s coming with energy and a style that doesn't want to forget anything about the past few weeks.

Here is how to bring a touch of summer cool to your back to school style through the simple addition of a neck scarf to your accessory game.

In the open

The easy way, bandana-like approach of wearing your neck scarf tied in the open perfectly fits with the small-to-medium-sized neck scarves, ie from 40x40cm to 60x60cm. Whether on a tee-shirt, a crew neck, or a shirt, wearing your neck scarf this way adds just the right amount of nonchalance to your look. Depending on the color or the print you choose, it makes any outfit look one step ahead of its game.

The below snap shows Roma-based sartorial mastermind Gerardo Cavaliere wearing his neck scarf tight on a sand tee shirt under a camel jacket, adding a unique touch of Italian flair to his earth-toned outfit.   

Next is an amazing example of how you can wear your neck scarf on your outerwear jacket; fold your neck scarf into a triangle, tie the two tips of the wider  side together on the front and just go for it; the less you pay attention the coolest it will be.

Same applies for that blue, loosely tied neck scarf look where the navy neck scarf elevates the overall outfit to another level of cool.

Whether a small 40x40cm, medium-sized 60x60cm or wider 90x90cm scarf, tying your neck scarf in the open is the fastest way to canaille chic, goes for women too.

Here Leandra Medine from Man Repeller plays a 60x60cm red bandana-like neck scarf on a white oxford shirt. The result ? That's it, perfect balance between that cow girl vibe brought by the combination of the denim and the neck scarf but toned down by the crisp white oxford shirt for a very fun while elegant look.

NYC-based graphic designer, art director and collage artist Maristella Gonzalez plays the 60x60cm version of our Gênes, 09h17 neck scarf here with a simple knot aligned with a pink crew neck tee shirt livening up the whole thing through color combination and volume.

Tucked in

There are so many situations where you want to tuck your neck scarf in. Whether for chilly September nights, two wheels rides in the city or Sunday post-lunch countryside walks, it is a great way to feel comfortable, warm and elegant at the same time.

What about this tucked in mustard scarf look executed by Robert Rabensteiner with a wide 90x90cm neck scarf ? Just brilliant. 

Depending on how you do it, it can either add a level of formal chic to your outfit as in Robert’s case above but it can also be the trigger for rakish relaxed coolness when worn deep on the neck with a white shirt as our dear friend Roberto Mararo here, or...

...untied under a white tee shirt for the most effortless vibe as Haider Ackermann.

Even if we tend to see women wearing their neck scarves in the open most of the time, the tucked in option is just as wise as it is for men.

Indeed, that women interpretation of a somewhat men’s classic way of wearing neck scarves is all the more elegant and feminine. Whether tightly tied on a crew neck with an oversize checked suit jacket, or...

...tucked in an oversize wool sweater with a bulky effect as Leandra Medine, or even...

...worn loosely tied inside a formal striped shirt as Margherita Cardelli from Sartoria Giuliva Heritage does with our Gênes, 09h17, it is an extremely tasteful way of wearing a neck scarf that brings an understated touch of nonchalance to a more classic outfit.



Now, forget about everything you know, just go with the flow.

Whether wearing a wide, 90x90cm squared scarf loosely untied around your neck under a suit jacket as Beams PR Toshihiro Yasutake here, or...

...tying it tight on a deep crew neck under a trench coat as this gentleman below, those were not obvious combinations but they work just perfectly. Colors, textures and proportions are so well balanced that the looks seem so natural, easy-going and fresh. 

Same goes when rolling your medium-sized 60x60cm scarf into a really tight kind of rope and tie it around your head as does this other gentleman below. Once again, far from obvious but just perfectly executed and so natural. 

How do they do that you would ask ? There’s no secret to it.

You just need to feel it and be comfortable with the whole thing. If it makes sense to you it would work, no matter what. It is much more a question of self confidence than abiding by some obscure rules of styling. So forget about it and do your own thing.

Women have already travelled a whole wider spectrum than men in how to play with scarves in a very creative way. Whether worn as a head scarf in a maximalist babushka vibe, or...

...a more minimalist pony tail version of it.

Exploring the wrist option is also something women are very comfortable with. Here Maristella Gonzalez shows us how to wear our Gênes, 09h17 on the wrist with a very natural and confident feel.

Remaining on the small-to-medium-sized scarf but going further on that pure accessory thing, tying your scarf tight around the hand of your colorful leather briefcase can be a very cool way of twisting a somewhat very formal item into a very stylish one.

In just a few words, bringing summer vibe through color, print and texture to your back to school look is quite easy with the addition of a neck scarf, whether on a small 40 x 40cm, medium 60 x 60cm or wider 90 x 90cm format exploring all the options detailed above.

At the end of the day, and for any doubts you might have in front of the mirror, it all comes down to your inner feelings and what you are comfortable with.

It doesn't get wrong, never, ever.


Pics by @billaltaright, @adamkatzsinding, @thesartorialist, @tommyton, @sandrasemburg@gerardocavaliere, @maristellagonzalez, @blaublut-edition, @laurenmessiah


Les Belles Heures is a young Maison revamping scarves as a cool, daily accessory through savoir-faire, craftsmanship and minimalist design focused on color. 

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